Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chunky Gold

Our 2015 mining season is in the books with a total of 45 grams. The photo above is about 9 grams of the chunky monkey gold. My buddy 'Chance' from Spokane Valley purchased my gold and took photos of the most interesting pieces under a USB microscope camera. Here are just a few.
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Monday, August 10, 2015

Mellow Yellow

I'm home for a doctor's appointment so I thought I'd throw a jar of gold in a pan for a little 'show & tell'.
We're pulling a lot of quartz / gold pieces this year. One piece has quartz, a manganese coating and hole through the middle. Some others have an iron oxide tint. Fun stuff to look at under a 10X glass. I'll do a further update on the gold when we pull out of camp.
Due to the extremely low water levels, I had to retire my Bazooka Gold Trap Sluice in favor of my Rockin' Gold Grabber. We have heavy concentrations of black sand in our pay gravel so we do a cleanup of the top collection trays after a few buckets and the bottom sluice after 4 or 5 buckets. It's cool to pull the classifier off and see gold laying among the expanded metal on the 1st collection tray. My wife will call them out..."there's one, there's another one and another one, oh, look at that chunky monkey".
I'm not sure how many more weeks of mining I have left this summer. I'll find out after my doctor's appointment. Hopefully it's another month as we are in a fantastic spot and we're averaging close to 2 grams a day over the last week. Our work day on the claim averages between 3½ and 4½ hours due to the side effects of my treatment, so close to 2 grams a day is pretty good.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Watchman

A few weeks ago I took my viewing box for some upstream prospecting. My method is to use the viewing box to view the creek bottom while I use my gloved hand to whisk away the gravels to expose the bedrock.
One spot showed exposed bedrock with no overburden to whisk away. The bedrock showed some interesting cracks and crevices so I dropped anchor on the viewing box and had my wife come upstream to help me work this new spot. She worked the middle section of the creek and I worked bank side. We would compare sample pans to see where the best pay was coming from. She had the better sample pans so we focused all our attention on her location. Now two people working in close proximity will occasionally bump butts so she moved closer to the opposite bank. Again, we compared sample pans and she was into the color big time. So far, we've pulled ¾ ounce from this location and it's still paying like virgin ground.

While taking a break I noticed this formation just up the creek bank from our location. What caught my eye was the extreme iron staining and then I saw "The Watchman" (circled in yellow). He seemed to be watching over our new location and coaxing us on. If he could hear me, I would tell him "We're not going anywhere any time soon". No pics of gold will be posted until later.
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Modified 2015 Mining Season

My plans for the 2015 mining season took a detour a month ago when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I've started the first course of treatment and will meet with the doctor again in early July. That leaves me some time to get to the claim for a little while. If the doctor determines that my prostate isn't ready for the next treatment, I'll get an additional month on the claim. Needless to say, I have to make the most of my time on the claim and I plan on putting my Bazooka Prospector into overdrive. My plan is to accumulate buckets of sluice concentrates to bring home. Then, when I'm going through external beam radiation treatment (5 days a week for 5 weeks), I'll have buckets of cons to work. I'll try to post updates when I can and maybe show a good lick of gold later in the fall.
A note about prostate cancer: I had no symptoms. The only way I knew was through yearly blood tests. Last year my PSA numbers were 4.3. I went to a Urologist and he had me schedule another blood test about 10 months later. The PSA numbers went to 9.1. We scheduled a biopsy and the results were prostate cancer. I had a full body scan and a pelvic scan and the cancer is confined to the prostate. The first treatment is a hormone shot and a 10 day series of pills to shut down the production of testosterone. Once the prostate shrinks to a sufficient size, the next treatment is to implant radioactive seeds directly into the prostate. A month after that treatment, we start external beam radiation treatment.
All you males 50+ years of age should get a blood test on a yearly basis.
Don't fear the unknown - meet it head on.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bazooka Sluice Stand

I received a package in the mail today. eBuyc from Spokane Valley sent me a sluice stand for my Bazooka Prospector. Carrying the box into the house I had my doubts that there was actually a sluice stand in the box because the box was so light. Surprise-surprise, there was actually a sluice stand in the box !
The sluice stand actually weighs less than my 36" Prospector.
This stand will fit the 30" and 36" Bazooka Prospector Fluid Bed Gold Trap Sluice. If you're running a Bazooka Prospector (30" or 36") you really should get one of these stands. Go HERE to purchase.
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Bazooka Super Scoop Add-A-Flare

For those times when you can't get enough water to keep the fluid bed operating properly in your Bazooka Fluid Bed Gold Trap Sluice, try adding a flare.
I made this one out of 1/8" ABS plastic that I had hanging around the shop. I used my metal brake and a little heat to form it. It measures 18" x 18" tapering to 14" at the water scoop portion of the sluice box.
Rather than drill more holes in the sluice box, I used small C-clamps to hold the sides in position.
I used aluminum to form two fingers that support the add-a-flare on the water scoop that feeds the tubes.

This is all theoretical right now as it's mid winter and I have no access to a working creek. For those in warmer climes, give it a try, you just may like it.
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Monday, December 22, 2014

A Christmas Gift From Mother Nature's Sluicebox

Took a trip to Mother Nature's Sluicebox this morning to find my spot completely under water. It will take a few days for the water to come down provided we don't get any heavy rain. Spent the day panning the cons from my last trip and decided to shoot a pic of the total I've retrieved from Mother Nature's Sluicebox. The pan is a 10" Garrett so don't let the pan size give the appearance that there's more gold there. Just a touch over 2 grams and I tell ya, I sure wouldn't want to have to count each piece !!! 
Got an email from Bazooka Gold Company today and my 36" Prospector sluice is in transit. I've made some optional items that will turn the fluid bed sluice into a dredge, powered by my Bottom Feeder hand pump.
Stay tuned...
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