Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dry Land Dredging

WOW !!! That's the first thing I said when I tried Chuck Lassiter's Hydro-Force 250 from Midwest Prospectors.
I spoke to North West Gold Prospectors Clearwater Chapter club member Dave Clark on the phone and he mentioned he's got this special nozzle for a 2½" dredge. I asked if it was the Hydro-Force? He said Yup, sure is. Well I read a lot about these and watched a video demonstration but I just had to see one in action. So off to Gibbs Eddy for a test of the Hydro-Force 250.
I set my 3"Proline Combo into dredge configuration and fed his 2½"hose into the 3" input collar. A little sloppy but it worked. I had the expanded metal tray in the Proline and we ran it like that for the first run. (click any pic for a larger view)

We picked a spot next to the area I worked last week. There's a good pay layer about 3 inches down so we wetted the area to create a puddle.

This was accomplished by opening the valve that directs some of the pressure hose water into the face of the nozzle.

We then backed the valve off slightly and vacuumed up the material. Unlike your convention dredging methods, you can really HOG the material. This thing will keep up with you.

The trick to working Gibbs Eddy is not to go deep. The pay layer is shallow so you have to go wide not deep. We installed the OEM riffle tray from Proline and started a second run. Here, Dave is expanding the hole to wash the pay layer into the depression at his feet. Then he vacuums the material in the depression and widens the hole again. Oh, throw away you shovels, you'll never need them again !!! Just toss the oversized rocks and suck up the gold bearing material.
Here's a little gold from my time on the nozzle.
The temp was over 103 so we didn't stay long, just long enough to see how sweet the Hydro-Force dry land nozzle really is.
If you're interested in purchasing, there's a 2 week backorder on 2½" & 3" nozzles.
I'm putting one on my Christmas list !!!

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